Zane (and Jack too) - maggiekelstrom

One of my favorite little guys...Zane, my friends Courtney and Micah's son...who I am so lucky to care for one or two days a week. He brings a lot of joy into my life!

Add Feb 2016: I also have been picking up Jack from school on Wednesdays, he is my friends Val and Rob's son,  and he and Zane play together for a bit until Rob comes home. It's been great because Jack is Zane's mentor, they spend a lot of time together because their parents are such good friends, and Zane adores him.  Jack is so good with Zane, teaching him lots of things and I do think he enjoys it. Jack is an amazing 10 year old boy!

And during that hour I usually sit in the sun, if there is any, and read! I don't have to worry about Zane when he is with Jack!  :) 

I have lots of photos of Jack in my Friends galleries...I think I should combine them here with Zane's...he was my muse while I was taking classes...used him for a model for many of my school projects.

It's been fun watching them grow! They are both great kids.

Add September 2016:  Well, my babysitting days for Zane...and Jack too...are over. I will miss them both!

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