My People - maggiekelstrom

My People

All of the decade galleries consist of random photos that I have either scanned in and edited or, after 2004, took with a digital camera, and then organized by decade either for family or for friends. I love having a place that not only keeps large files of my photos safe, but also makes it easy for my friends and family to see them...and to download them if I open them...which I will do whenever asked. It is for your privacy that I do not have them open to public download; I also do not use last names.

This is a work in progress...adding new ones frequently to each gallery. So, many, many more to come , come back often...I have way too many photos...trying to preserve only the better ones, or the ones that tell a story, and want to make sure everyone I care about is represented here.


~Maggie/Taffy  (...yes my family calls me Taffy...)

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