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My 2016 Holiday Card

December 2016

I made my card from a photo I took early one morning when the moon was setting over the Olympics at the same time the sun was rising. This view of the Hood Canal and the Olympics is one I see almost every day. It is never rhe same and I always look forward to it. I also celebrated the fact that we had snow...something that apparently has not happened in about 20 years!

Joan's Dahlias

October 2016

A few shots of the gorgeous dahlias in Joan's garden.

My New Walk in the New Hood

October 2016

These were taken with my really old iPhone. I love this neighborhood for walking: first I go up the street to the end of the dirt road, then back down to the main street...Seabeck Highway...along the Hood Canal to the left up another hill passing the beautiful view of the Olympics, and then return back home. Exactly an hour...so it matches my walking playlist if I replay the first two songs at the end. 

The Long Goodbye

October 2016

I left my apartment July 15th, and for Washington around August 8th after housesitting for a couple of friends, and staying with Kathy to try to help her move.  Saw some of my family and friends before I left...not all but most! Here are some photos from the long goodbye...that dragged out for weeks!

September 4, 2016

So...around the last time I posted here I found out they were selling the building where I lived in Petaluma...and ever since have been focused on where I would end up!

I am now up in Washington with Joan and will start posting here again...because it is a kind of diary for me...my photographic diary of a sort! And I do have some entries...coming soon...

Spring Macro

April 2016

Practicing Macro! 

Meetup Assignment: Minimalist Photography

March 7, 2016

March 1st online assignment for West County Photography Group: Minimalist. We can only upload one entry, so I entered the church but have other ideas so may end up with something different...like the tree. It is fun trying different things...and sometimes it is hard to choose which to enter! I am not even sure these would be considered "minimalist"...

Meetup Assignment: Fibonacci Spirals

February 29, 2016

February 15th online assignment entry for  West County Photography Group : Fibonacci Spirals

Meetup Assignment: Trees

February 15, 2016

February 1st online assignment entry for West County Photography Group. A last minute entry for me, but I am trying to complete each assignment because I enjoy participating, and it is challenging sometime to meet the criteria of the assignments. 

Mardi Gras!

February 9, 2016

Kath and I celebrated Fat Tuesday at Lagunitas, where we had some authentic Louisiana food...and some good beer...and at the Big Easy where we danced to a fun blues band...and had more good beer.

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