May/June - Jack and Zane...and Baseball! - maggiekelstrom

Loved visiting Jack and Zane while I was in California. Had a great BBQ at Courtney and Micah's and stayed in Valerie and Rob's guest room for a few days. Also Spent a few days with the boys going swimming or to fun places they like. These photos are mostly the baseball games I attended. Jacks' team,  the Rockies, went all the way to the second to last game before losing. (Jack has since been on the All Star team Santa Rosa American and so far haven't lost a game) Zane's t-ball team was fun to watch as they learn the game. Zane had a turn as catcher, and got a few great hits while at bat!

I will try to post the movie taken of Jack's last All Star game...really something! I think they only have one more game to win it all!

Here it is: Jack Lazark is prominently mentioned! Good for you Jack!

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