Tila's Bridal Shower 11/14 - maggiekelstrom

Michelle F and Michelle G co-hosted a bridal shower for Tila at Michelle G's beautiful home.  Everything was perfect! Probably the most beautifully put together shower I have ever attended! But like Michelle G said...it's for Tila, she deserves the best!

Tila and Ricky are getting married in January in the Cayman Islands and I am so disappointed that I won't be able to go. They are such a great couple; they have been together for over 10 years now. They met at university in Italy...both share the fact that they are half American and half Italian...made for each other!

Thankfully they are settling near here...they just bought a home in Novato...where, by the way, our Christmas party will be held this year. Tila is my niece by marriage...my brother Jeff's wife Natalie's daughter. I have known her since she was about 10 and have watched her grow into a very accomplished woman, who is also very sweet. And Michelle is right...she deserves the very best.

Congratulations Tila!

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