June - The Rivereens at Lagunitas - maggiekelstrom

My friend Tracy played at Lagunitas with her band The Rivereens which includes Henry and Steve. A really wonderful eclectic sound from a group of equally wonderful artists. A group of Tracy's co-workers from the ICU at PVH were there to enjoy the show, and one retired co-worker...me! Candace, a violin player, was a great addition to the last two sets, and Tracy's husband David Grisman sat in on the last set with his famous mandolin playing. It was a fun time...I won't mention the three strong beers and having to get a lift home with Henry...oh, I guess I just did! Well...at least I learned how great our transit system is in Petaluma the next morning when I had to go across town to get my car...

Websites for the group:

The Rivereens: www.svn.net/artguy/Rivereens.htm

Tracy Bigelow Grisman: www.oldtimeyart.com

Henry White: www.henrywhiteart.com

Steve Della Maggiora: www.svn.net/artguy

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