Washington: Family, Friends and Dramatic Skies 8-9/2015 - maggiekelstrom

After car camping on the California and Oregon coasts, I visited friends and family in Washington. About 5 days with cousins John and Marsha in Lacey/Olympia, where I also got to see Karen and Dan, and Liz and Simon; a few days with Jackie in Sequim where I also visited with her brother Mike, and our friend Steve; a day with friend Jeannie (too short!) in Port Townsend, so good to see her; and about a week with Joan in Bremerton/Seabec, where I also got to see her son Nick, and a lot of her best-friend-ex and my friend Brian, and had a fun dinner at Brian's with their good friends Rick and Linda.

Joan and I were supposed to have dinner with Peachie too, but Joan got sick so that had to be cancelled. Next time! 

It was so good to see everyone, and to take photos of such a beautiful place! If I ever move anywhere it would have to be there where I have so many good friends.

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