The Trip Home: SW Wash, Astoria, Grants Pass...9/2015 - maggiekelstrom

I left Seabec, Washington and headed west to the Long Beach peninsula. It was too foggy to see much there so I didn't do the whole circuit, which I now regret because I have heard the inner towns are so picturesque and the sun was probably out a bit more. The peninsula, from what I saw, seems to be mostly about old cars, churches, and guns...not for me! I then headed to Cape Disappointment and was very disappointed because all I wanted to do was spend about 30 minutes there to walk to and photograph the lighthouse but the ranger wanted ten bucks. Feeling cheap, I unfortunately left, after driving around in the park to see if there were any other off the road vantage points, nope, I realized too late I should have paid! And I also should have stayed at their campsite as I have since heard it is really nice.  Well...I had to leave some things for next time!

Next was the cute fishing village Ilwaco and the little towns along the Columbian river to Astoria, Oregon. I stayed in Astoria until sunset and then cut across to I5 where I spent the night at another rest stop south of Portland. In the morning I headed to Grants Pass, Oregon where my cousin Amy lives for an overnight visit. It was great to spend a little time with Amy and Wayne, and to meet newest little cuz, one year old Alex, and see five year old Sam again.

My last photos are in Weed, California where I usually stop...this time just for a meal at the Hi-Lo Cafe. The usual diner fair, but I like the place, have stayed in their motel in the past too. The saddest photo is the one in Weed...after years of drought, not much snow on Mount  Shasta, and the sky smoky from all the fires still burning at that time.

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