Oregon Coast: Sun and Smoke...and a bit of fog! 8/2015 - maggiekelstrom

Next stops on my car camping trip:  the beautiful, sunny Oregon Coast. So rare for it to be so sunny. The first night I stayed at the wonderful Harris Beach State Park...highly recommend! Second night I splurged and got a room for 50 bucks at the Drift Inn in Yachats, right on the coast highway and so across the street from the beach. Great little village, and Inn. My final night on the coast was at the Fort Stevens State Park, which is located at the north west point of Oregon, and I was very disappointed. I was planning to stay two nights there, visit Astoria, etc, but it was so unpleasant...and expensive because all they had left were RV hook up sites...that I left the next morning and backtracked down the coast to places I missed the day before as I was trying to rush to get to the park before dark.

BTW...trying to get anywhere fast in Oregon is a joke! I have never seen roads with so many cars going less than the speed limit! But the Oregon Coast is so beautiful, it was all worth it. I now wish I had taken it slower myself. What's the hurry?

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