California Coast: Fog and Smoke! 8/2015 - maggiekelstrom

I drove up the coast of California and Oregon on the way to visit friends and family in Washington. Car camped for the first time in my Prius and loved it! I left during a heat wave, so the California coast was very foggy,(which it often is in summer) and we'd also had many wild fires from the drought we have been plagued with for years, so there was also smoke, giving everything a yellowish cast. 

The first night I stayed at a campsite somewhere in Mendocino County, the woman at the little store there gave me a good deal...iot was right next to the bathroom which I thought was great until the umpteenth time I was awakened by the hand dryer!    

The second night I stayed in a truck stop in Humboldt County. Slept like a baby!

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