The Crossing to Saipan - 1995 - maggiekelstrom

My friend Jackie and I crewed a sailboat from Washington State to Saipan in 1995...two months, 6000 miles across the Pacific. We stopped one night in Morro Bay, California, and 5 nights in Hilo, Hawaii. I scanned in all the photos, and made a book about it in my InDesign 2 class. I am very proud of it! It is a combination photo album and journal as I used our actual journals for the writings portion.

Journal entries are a bit wouldn't believe how big a deal little things become when you are cooped up on a boat with five other people! Then you do have those nights when you are looking at the most brilliant sky lit up with the most stars you have ever seen in your life and you realize just how insignificant you are as well as your petty little problems! 

You can see it here:

This is just some of the photos...we all look so happy...haha...not always so! But it was the biggest adventure of my far...and I treasure the memories, good and bad. Jackie and I...and Melissa too... were so miserable at times, and craving land so badly, we said we would "never do this again"...and a few months later we were wondering if we all shouldn't go down to the harbor and see if we could join up with another crossing!

Photos were taken by me, Jackie and Duane. Many of these are a little rough because they are the jpegs that haven't been edited and scanning takes away good stuff and shows bad stuff like dust! I am working my way through them.

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