Petaluma Country and Sonoma Coast 2/2015 - maggiekelstrom

Took an afternoon drive on a gorgeous winter day to the coast...20-25 mins from my door...stopping along the way on Walker Road, a farm road, and in the town of Bodega. I wanted to practice taking photos of the waves, and also hoped for a good sunset. I got to Shell Beach about an hour and a half before sunset, and was disappointed that the sun went behind a fog bank about a half and hour before it set. Lost the good warm light really did some editing in Photoshop and OnOne!  (to be honest...when don't I?)

The sunset was not spectacular...well, I thought it wasn't but then well on my way back to Petaluma I glanced into my sideview mirror and saw that I missed it. Brilliant sky! Next time I won't be so impatient. Although, the beautiful hues were high up, so not sure what it would have looked like on the beach without a wide angle lens.

As far as the waves, I need to learn how to take long exposures and still keep everything from getting too much light...I see more studying for me! And, practice, practice, practice...

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