Lake Tahoe/Truckee 5/15 - maggiekelstrom

Visited my friend Karen in Tahoe City. Had a very nice visit! I took a lot of photos but not many worthy of this site...I will blame it on the light as I was never in the right place at the right time. These few are of the lake...views from walks  around Karen and Peter's home,  or from town during errands, and we did spend one day at their beach site too...and of Truckee: we took a mid-day walk around the old town, where I captured some of the buildings.

When Karen and I lived in Squaw in the 60s I did not have a car and often would take the bus from Truckee...which at the time was a small rather run down town with a lot of bars! We used to play shuffle board in one of the bars while we waited for the bus. There was also a brothel...or a restaurant which used to be a brothel...but I did not recognize the building this time. It's been a long time...and a lot of changes to this town...sadly upscaled like everything else! 

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