The Yucatan, Mexico 11/12 - maggiekelstrom

After Cuba, I went to the capital city of the Yucatan...Merida. It was a four hour first class bus ride from Cancun. From there I visited two ruins...also by bus. Unfortunately, by this time in my journey I was not feeling well at all...the GI problem that plagued me in Cuba was gone, but now had a really bad cough and cold, and every time I got on an air-conditioned bus it got worse. Luckily I loved my hotel in Merida because I spent a lot of time there! Merida...I didn't like so much. I found it to be a really crowded city with too many cars going way too fast, with too much exhaust. The sidewalks were very narrow so you had to walk in the street to get away from being jostled by fellow pedestrians. And this was off season, almost all were locals. I was supposed to spend five nights there but decided to spend the last night in Chitzen Itza at a hotel owned by the same people...and it was just as lovely in a more rustic setting.

I wished that I had made that decision sooner because it was so relaxing and I could have healed, and enjoyed the beautiful cenote across the street more than just a quick look.

The next day I took the free shuttle to the ruin for the day, put my suitcase in storage, and in the afternoon caught the freezing second class bus back to Cancun...over 5 hours! cough cough! The ruins were interesting, but I was so sad that you no longer are allowed to climb them in Chichen Itza. I had planned to go to Uxmal too, where you are still allowed to climb I think...but it just didn't turn out that way to get there except on a freezing cold bus. Seriously, it is so unpleasant...especially when you are already sick! I am sure my experiences and perceptions would have been more positive if I had felt better.

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