Vinales, Cuba 11/12 - maggiekelstrom

Vinales, in northern Cuba is a little agricultural village where they grow coffee and tobacco, among other things. We were there two nights but only one full day during which I took the hike through the valley in the morning. At this point in the tour I wasn't feeling up to doing didn't see the cave or the mural which is so popular with tourists in the area, and I also passed on the group dinner that night. Vinales takes you back in time with it's dirt roads, horses and carts, steer and plow.

The valley, beautiful with the magotes, red dirt and saturated colors of green. The first night we rushed up to a hotel that has a good view of the whole valley and village at sunset...but we were too late...too dark for photos. I never got a chance to get up there again for good full valley time!

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