Havana, Cuba 11/12 - maggiekelstrom

I arrived in Havana after my stay in Isla Mujeres...I had one night to myself before joining the group. Our group left Havana for a night in Cingfuego, followed by two nights in Trinidad, and two nights in Vinales. Then we had one more night in Havana as a group at the end of the tour and I had an extra night there on my own. This gallery is all my Havana photos.

I now wish I'd had even more time in Havana. So much to see...and I did not see all I would have liked. My impression is that Havana...Old Havana especially...had to have been the most beautiful city in the world at one time.

I am glad they are restoring the major buildings: via Unesco, Old Havana is a World Heritage site. The unrestored buildings have a beauty too...a beautiful decay I call it. Some though are mere shells and I think it must be from past hurricanes.

I have to remark also that the city is so clean...no litter anywhere.

The people are so friendly...if you pass them on the street, they usually make eye contact, ask you where you are from, and were always thrilled to hear that I am from the US. They are well educated, but need to be given opportunities that are not readily available to them now. doctors are driving cabs...I was told. Tourist money is helping them a lot.

I hope for changes and soon. For one, the embargo has to end. For another, the Cuban government needs to allow more freedoms, especially free enterprise. Communism is a failed ideology. I see Cuba becoming a successful socialist/capitalist and free society...it IS possible and that is what I would like here in US too!

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